Infinity pools, overflowing swimming pools
Infinity pools, overflowing swimming pools
The INFINITY POOLS or OVERFLOWING SWIMMING POOLS are swimming pools that overlook, mostly, the sea horizon and look like if the water is falling from the pool when actually  the water overflows but also recirculates. The infinity pools run by the overflow system, and the water level in the swimming pool is the same as the top of the terrace, i.e. no difference in height levels between the perimeter of the pool and water, right at the perimeter or on one specific side is designed a channel or groove where the overflowed water will drain. The water along with the pool looks like a big mirror lying on the floor.

The infinity swimming pools system stands out since overflowing trash is removed from the water surface without contaminating the volume nor reaching the bottom of the pool, the water is channeled into the filtering system (channel), once there is filtered and then sent back to the pool, starting the cycle again, filtered water is injected through the floor and produces overflow of the upper surface.
To facilitate the operation, the underlying surface has a slight slope towards the interior of the channel. These systems require a special investigation, since it takes some hydraulic calculations, such as: size of the surge tank, pipe diameters, channel gratings and other specifications.

The Finnish system swimming pools does not need cleaning dirty water, since due to the flooding is achieved filtering.
An infinity pool has the advantage of substantially improving the hydraulics of pool water by reverse circulation, this makes the water is cleaner and when we bathe, the water supply takes less time to cross the pool, which is results in a faster removal of contaminants from water.

The infinity pools, require large filtration equipment (sometimes up to twice as the one of a similarly sized pool with Skimmer). But have the advantage that the system for cleaning the bottom is low, and the quality of water obtained is much higher.
A swimming pool with overflow system, not only known for the quality and sparkle of the water, but also because the architectural point of view can play with many options.
The pool water continuously overflows a perimeter channel and flows to another collection vessel, called "compensation tank." Where is then sucked by the filtration and, after being treated chemically, forwarded to the pool.

The infinity swimming pool has two significant advantages:
- Aesthetics: Gives the pool a "mirror" effect of high visual impact, which appears to increase the size.
- Functional: Water quality is clearly superior. In fact, 90% of the dirt in a pool remains in the surface layer and therefore it is essential that this be continually renewed: There is no better system than continuously push this layer of water into the overflow channel.

The overflowing pool requires a more complex system than the skimmer pool, but the final water hygienic quality is worth it. I liked the infinity pool of the first picture (Cavo Tagoo Infinity Pool at night)... And you, would you like to have an infinity pool at home?

Via: Swimming Pools Design and Pictures
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